Nord MAXXDRIVE Helical Gear Units

As a US NORD National Distributor, let us design your NORD Drive System for your specific application.

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Nord MAXXDRIVE Helical Inline Industrial Gear Units

NORD MAXXDRIVE helical gear units deliver high performance every day in heavy duty applications such as agitators, mixers, drums or crushers.

Our helical gear units are used wherever high torques are required. For example, this was the case in a Moroccan phosphate mine: Here, phosphate ore with a weight of several hundred tons was to be transported for further processing via a two kilometre long conveyor belt.

For the belt drive, the customer decided on NORD MAXXDRIVE helical gear units because these offer output torques of up to 250,000 Nm and powers of up to 4,000 kW. Thanks to their integration into the tried-and-tested UNICASE housing, the gear units also have high axial and radial load capacities. The helical gear units can therefore easily withstand the harsh conditions of use on the conveyor belt.


Performance: 1,5 – 4.000 kW

Torque range: 15,000 – 250,000 Nm

High strength precision-made one-piece housing

Modular and flexible design for optimum adaptation to your application

Low running noise

Our industrial helical gear units: Maximum flexibility
If you buy a NORD helical gear unit, you will have little difficulty in adapting it to your application. Rather, our gear units adapt themselves to your application.

To make installation as flexible as possible for our products, we offer you various shaft and flange options. Integration of the gear unit into your system is also facilitated by six mounting surfaces, which cover very different installation positions.

Due to their high performance and flexibility, NORD helical gear units are ideally suited for use in many applications such as agitators, lifting gear, extruders, mixers, mills, drums or crushers.