About Us

BDR Motors USA sells AC & DC electric motors  as well as water pumps, AC & DC Drives, reducers, and all products related to power transmission. We understand customer needs when it comes to motor and pump services. We diligently work to solve problems, which in turn helps reduce downtime, and save money.

BDR Motors USA is a leader in the sales of electric motors, AC & DC drives, sprockets, pinions, belts, gear reducers, pulleys, bushings, etc.  Our clientele consists of a broad range of industries. We are located in Florida and have established a well-earned reputation for decades of motor and pump services. Our trusted relationships with suppliers will guarantee the best prices in the industry.

Baldor – L3510, Baldor – L1430T, Baldor – EM4406T-4, Baldor – EM4400T, Baldor – EM4115T, Baldor – EM4110T, Baldor – EM4104T, Baldor – EM4103T, Baldor – EM3714T, Baldor – EM3711T, Baldor – EM3710T, Baldor – EM3615T, Baldor – EM3611T, Baldor – EM3558T, Baldor – EM3558, Baldor – EM3554, Baldor – EM3546, Baldor – EM3313T, Baldor – EM3312T, Baldor – EM3218T, Baldor – EM3212T, Baldor – EM3211T, Baldor – EM2515T, Baldor – EM2513T, Baldor – EM2513T, Baldor – EM2333T, Baldor – EJMM3711T, Baldor – EJMM3312T, Baldor – EJMM3212T, Baldor – EJMM3211T

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