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BDR Motors USA is a national authorized distributor for industry-leading motor manufacturers including Baldor, Century  GE Industrial Solutions, Genteq, Leeson, Marathon Electric and US Motors. Baldor Motor Wholesale can sell or repair small to large motor. We specialize in the AC or DC motors used in a range of industries.

Baldor – L3510, Baldor – L1430T, Baldor – EM4406T-4, Baldor – EM4400T, Baldor – EM4115T, Baldor – EM4110T, Baldor – EM4104T, Baldor – EM4103T, Baldor – EM3714T, Baldor – EM3711T, Baldor – EM3710T, Baldor – EM3615T, Baldor – EM3611T, Baldor – EM3558T, Baldor – EM3558, Baldor – EM3554, Baldor – EM3546, Baldor – EM3313T, Baldor – EM3312T, Baldor – EM3218T, Baldor – EM3212T, Baldor – EM3211T, Baldor – EM2515T, Baldor – EM2513T, Baldor – EM2513T, Baldor – EM2333T, Baldor – EJMM3711T, Baldor – EJMM3312T, Baldor – EJMM3212T, Baldor – EJMM3211T

BDR Services LLC. – Baldor Motor Wholesale

Baldor L1430T motor BDR Services LLC. was founded in 1962 as BDR Services LLC.. In 1972, we changed our name to BDR Services LLC. During the past 28 years we have serviced many motors like the Baldor L1430T Motor as well as many other manufacturers like Baldor, Brook, Teco, Sterling, Us Electric, Weg, Leesen, Nord Drivesystems and Sumitomo. Our nation wide repair shop can repair all motors for electric motors AC & DC, as well as water pumps, AC & DC Drives, reducers, and all products related to power transmission.


  • MOTORS: Complete Rewind and Overhaul of AC/DC industrial motors like Baldor, Brook, Teco, Sterling, Us Electric, Weg, Leesen, Nord Drive systems and Sumitomo.
  • PUMPS: Installations and Overhaul of Industrial Pumps.
  • REDUCERS: Overhaul of all major Brands of Industrial Speed Reducers.
  • Troubleshooting electrical for AC/DC-Motors.
  • Technical Support for AC/DC and PLC Programmable Drives
  • Bearing and Power Transmission Technical Support.
  • Inventory of Motors, Bearings, Reducers, Belts and Accessories.
  • Emergency Service: 24 Hours Emergency Service to all Open Account Customers.


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We specialize in the AC or DC Motors

Adjustable/Variable Speed Motors

Air Moving Motors

Condenser Fan Motors

Cooling Tower Motors

Explosion-Proof Motors

Fan and Blower Motors

General Purpose Motors

HVAC Motors

IEEE-841/Chemical Processing Motors

Inverter Duty Motors

Metric Motors

Pool and Spa Motors

Pump Motors

Severe Duty Motors

Specialty and OEM Replacement Motors

Premium Efficiency Motors

Washdown Duty Motors

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