NORD Single Phase Motors

As a US NORD National Distributor, let us design your NORD Drive System for your specific application.

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Nord Asynchronous Motors: Our three-phase asynchronous motors provide a power range from 0.12 to 55 kW and are extremely resistant to electrical and mechanical overload.

NORD produces four different series of three-phase asynchronous motors for use in a wide range of application areas. While smooth motors are ideal as drives in the food industry, pole changing motors and single phase motors provide the necessary power for machine tools, pumps, conveyor belts or fans.

Our three-phase asynchronous motors provide powers from 0.12 to 55 kW and feature high performance, solid workmanship and a long service life. They can be combined with all NORD gear unit types.


Single phase motors are equipped with starting and/or operating capacitors, or are supplied with a Steinmetz circuit as an economic solution for simple requirements.

Performance: 0,12 – 1,5 kW
Efficiency class IE1
Global approvals and acceptances