Nordac Pro SK 500E Frequency Inverter

As a US NORD National Distributor, let us design your NORD Drive System for your specific application.

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Nordac Pro SK 500E Frequency Inverter

Nord Frequency Inverters

Nord Frequency Inverters and control cabinet inverters have a power range of up to 160 kW and thanks to their wide range of functions can be perfectly adapted to all of the customer’s applications.

Our frequency inverters provide a high degree of performance and safety. Local subsidiaries and distributors on all continents ensure that we are close to our customers at all times, constantly providing high quality. No matter where you are in the world our drives are your solution – we deliver service without long waiting times.


The NORDAC PRO is the inverter for all drive applications. It offers a wide power range, and its functionality can be extended with plug-in option modules. For this inverter, variable cooling concepts are used to remove heat, which enable removal of heat outside of the control cabinet and can be simply adapted to the requirements of the application with various option modules.

Performance: 0,25 – 160 kW
Protection class: IP20


We have developed the NORDAC PRO family of frequency inverters especially for installation in control cabinets. These inverters are equally suitable for operating synchronous and asynchronous motors and meet all conceivable customer requirements thanks to a wide range of options.

Our inverters for control cabinet installation have a power range from 0.25 to 160 kW and can be extended with optional plug-in modules. Variable cooling concepts ensure optimum heat dissipation.