Nordac Link SK 250E Frequency Inverter

As a US NORD National Distributor, let us design your NORD Drive System for your specific application.

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Nordac Link SK 250E Frequency Inverter

Nord Decentralised Inverters

Nord Decentralised Inverters can be freely configured, to adapt them to any application. Because of this, you obtain an optimum solution and at the same time reduce your installation and operating costs.

NORD’s decentralised drive electronics are present in numerous applications worldwide. Our innovative inverters with integrated PLC perform functions close to the motor unit and reduce the load on the higher level control system. More than 100 industrial sectors benefit from our solutions. For example in intralogistics where baggage items or parcels are transported across continents. Our frequency inverters are likewise used in general conveyor technology, in the packaging industry, or in pump applications. Well-known foodstuffs and beverage bottling customers also rely on drive electronics supplied by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.


Performance: 0,55 – 7,5 kW
Protection class: IP55, IP65
Field installation
Simple installation and maintenance due to full plug-in capability
Free configuration for your application