Nord Unicase Parallel Shaft Gear Motor

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Nord Parallel Shaft Geared Motors

Nord Parallel Shaft Geared Motors are highly suitable for use in applications with confined installation spaces. They offer a wide range of torques from 100 to 100,000 Nm.

Thanks to the flexible and compatible modular system, parallel shaft geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS can be individually configured and can be used almost universally.

The drive units power a wide range of applications throughout the world such as agitators, intralogistics solutions, bulk conveyors or cranes and in combination with system solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are Industry 4.0 ready


In combination with central or decentralised frequency inverters, parallel shaft geared motors provide a wide range of system solutions with ultimate efficiency and economy in all systems. The UNICASE concept guarantees long life cycles and low maintenance.

Performance: 0,12 – 200 kW
Torque range: 110 – 100 000 Nm